Time For Print (TFP)

Free photography available

TFP (Time for Print)

I occasionally do TFP shoots if i'm looking to update my portfolio. If you are interested in a TFP shoot then just ask.

All TFP shoot images will be provided watermarked but are free for personal use.

If you've had images produced TFP then all the images will remain watermarked but you are free to download and use the images for your portfolios, social netwoking etc. You can also have higher resolution copies of the pictures for print supplied on disk.
You can use the water marked images for commercial use but everythingmanchester needs to be informed of their use.

If you want any of the images without the watermark then there will be a charge per image. Contact me for prices as it will be dependent on their use.

Modifing images

None of the supplied images should be modified in anyway (that includes cropping images) without prior permission of the photographer in this case Nad Yaqub (everythingmanchester.co.uk).



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