Photography Walks

Urban photography walks

Take to the streets of Manchester and see the city through the lens of your camera.
Urban photography walk is a 3 hour walk that combines both teaching you new photography
skills whilst taking you on a walk of discovery.

You will need your own camera, it doesn’t matter whether you have a small compact or top
of the range DSLR. A camera with manual settings would be an advantage but not necessary.
If you have an DSLR then a wide angle lens would be best suited.

The walk will start at Piccadilly Gardens where you will start with a short brief about the walk
and some basics about lighting, composition, camera settings and some do’s and don’ts!   

This course is built to give you a sense of adventure, see the city and most importantly give
you the confidence to go out with your camera and take stunning shots of Manchester whether
you’re a local or just visiting the city!

Suitable for photographers at any level


What equipment do i need?
You don’t need anything special, a compact will do. However if you do have a DSLR or a camera
with manual settings it may be more beneficial. Just make sure your battery is fully charged and
and you have plenty of space on your memory card, the more capacity the better (2GB at least),
and take some test shots before the day to ensure everything is working.

Will you teach me how to use my camera?
If you have a manual camera and want to use the manual settings then it’s worth reading your
camera manual before the walk, the things you will need to know are how to change the ISO, Shutter
Speed and Aperture. Guidance will be given on the best settings to use before and throughout the

What if I'm not very technical?
Read the material that is sent to you after booking prior to the walk it will give you some basic
understanding. The language used on the day will be based on your technical ability.

What shall i wear?
Something comfortable to walk in as there will be steps, slippery surfaces and sometimes rough
ground underfoot to deal with.

What if it’s raining?
It wouldn’t be Manchester if it wasn’t raining and actually some of my best shots have been in the
rain, just bring an umbrella if rains forecast or looks likely.

and finally - don’t forget your camera!

* An SLR Camera can be provided for an extra £15 (booked in advance)

Cost for the walk is £75 for a 1 to 1 session (Save £50 if you make a booking for 2 only £100)

Contact me now for more information or availability if you would like to make a booking!



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