Rialto Bridge

An alternative view of one of the most famous and recognised bridges in Venice.


Steam escapes from the city beneath the streets of Manhattan.

Piazza San Marco

St Marks Square, the most popular place in Venice. If its not flooded with water its flooded with tourists.

Eclectic Square

The Northern Quarter in Manchester is the heart of the cities creativity, style with a difference. This retro bike stands alone in Stephenson Square as its owner takes breakfast.

Music Alley

These buskers play on a seemingly quite passageway. However they are strategically placed waiting on the early trains arriving into the Venice, this pathway was one of the mains routes in for those walking.

The Rubbish collector

The streets in Venice become packed with tourists jostling for space, the street workers start early to avoid the chaos.


Take the wrong path and you will find yourself making a u-turn, swimming is not an option.

Sunday Morning

Waking up to winter on a Sunday Morning, Dale Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. This image has also been referred to a modern day Lowry.

Nowhere to go

A rare moment of confusion as a narrow canal is overwhelmed with gondolas.

Park View

A unique view of the Manhattan skyline from Central Park. It's a great place to wind down after a hectic day in the Big Apple.

Red Boxes

Two vintage telephone boxes stand proud outside Manchester Central Library. They are a dying breed since the introduction of mobile phones, however their iconic status is unquestionable.

Grand Evening

The sun sets over the Grand Canal looking down from Rialto Bridge.

The Night Shift

Night shift workers take the tram into the city passing Manchester Central, another makes its way out of the city.

Stop and Look

There's plenty to take in whilst waiting to cross on a wet afternoon in Times Square, New York City.

Fish Market

Get to the fish market early if you want to get your hands on the freshest catch.

Mist at Sunrise

As the mist forms it makes this historic city even more mysterious.


In Manhattan there is always an endless supply of taxi's, none more so than in Time Square.

Stars and Stripes

American patriotism celebrated on the side of the armed forces recruitment centre, Times Square.

The Tatler Cornerhouse

The Tater News Cinema, now part of the Cornerhouse on the approach to Oxford Road Train Station Manchester.

Grand Canal

The only mode of transport to take around the narrow waterways of Venice

Into the shadows

Out of the sun and into the shade, an elderly couple doing their early morning shopping.

The Lone Tower

The Manchester skyline is dominated by a single structure that’s hard to miss. It’s caused much controversy over the years but could you now picture the Manchester skyline without it?

Summer Gardens

A rare opportunity to enjoy the sun, Piccadilly Gardens,  Manchester and everyone takes advantage, even the constabulary are surprised with the turn out.

Gondolo Stop

There is nothing more romantic in the most romantic place in the world than to take a Gondola with your loved one.

Over the City

The quickest way to cross the city is to go over it, the Mancunian Way makes this possible. It may not be the most attractive pieces of architecture but look at it in the correct light and it comes alive.

Downtown Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge looking down across downtown Manhattan.

Empire State

Looking downtown Manhattan from the Top of Rock.

Sub for Me

New York Subway the only way to get around if you're in a hurry.

Sunset Quays

Sunset over the quays, looking down the Manchester Ship Canal towards the Salford Quays Millennium footbridge.

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market downtown Manhattan a great coffee stop in a unique setting.


Crossing the side walk in Times Square.