I see far too many pictures that have been airbrushed to death, it seems to be a big trend but what makes it worse is that people (models\photographers) actually think that the end results look good!

So what's the key to good airbrushing I hear you ask?

People often prefer an image in Black and White\Monochrome why is this?

When should you choose to make a portrait image black and white?

David Bailey Jean Shrimpton 1962 New York inspired shoot 50 years on.

New York provides the perfect inspirational urban landscape

If you read the previous post then it explains the the reasons behind the series of pictures below. This is the second series of images. However take a look at the pictures below before you read the previous post.

Best selfie on Facebook

In these days of reality television, social networking and digitalisation it seems anyone can be the next someone. However of all the people that make it, what happens to the millions of others that don't? How do you get the edge over the rest?

If you believe in yourself enough, is that alone enough to make it in an over saturated market?

I have taken many pictures over the years and rarely look back at them a second time. If I do decide to revisit a set of pictures I will look for something new or fresh not just because I missed it the first time but maybe because as a photographer

I have evolved and think differently.

So you want to be on the front cover of a magazine? That's the goal of most photographers and models alike but what does it take to get there? Is it luck or good marketing? Well if you're a celebrity or a well established model then it doesn't take much. However in the real world the market place for the average photographer or model its certainly not easy.

Be on the front cover of Vogue

Being a photographer you quite often asked

"So what do you think of my picture?"

Urban Street Photography is an art form, something you can teach but not something easy to master.

An urban landscape offers you much more than you can believe

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