what do you think of my picture?

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Being a photographer you quite often asked

"So what do you think of my picture?"

Art is subjective and if you seek perfection you could be searching for a long time. You can learn the technical aspects of any art but what makes it unique is you, your eye and having your own style.

Seeking inspiration from the work of others is evolution not plagiarism

Sometimes I go out with a particular image in mind, believing it will make a great shot when in fact it's far from it. Sometimes you get lucky, with little planning finding yourself being in the right place at the right time. There is an element of luck yes but then you had to be there in the first place.

You have to be out, and looking out all the time, building up your eye and style. This isn't something you can teach, you may begin taking pictures of everything you see but then slowly begin to put more thought into your subject building up an interest. After which you can start learning the more technical aspects to the art.

I can go out for the day with my camera and not take a single shot, as I know the difference between what my eye sees and what my camera sees.

So back to the question then 'what do i think of your picture?' Visually or technically, personally or professionally? My response is usually 'yeah its good' translated in the persons head it's usually, he thinks its sh..! :(

The image below is one that was planned the one above is one where I saw an opportunity and grabbed it. 

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