I want to be a model - best selfie on facebook II

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If you read the previous post then it explains the the reasons behind the series of pictures below. This is the second series of images. However take a look at the pictures below before you read the previous post.

Best selfie on Facebook

If you're interested in the lighting setup that I used for this shoot then read on.

I used a two light setup, however this was not my usual setup. I do usually only use two lights but the positioning was quite different.

I used one large octagon softbox with a honeycomb diffuser to the right of the model, a beauty dish set up to the front right and above the model on a boom. To the front left of the model was a large silver reflector.

I did have natural light behind the models as well and this was quite challenging as the sun was slowly moving across the windows at the back. This meant i was constantly having to change the lighting, and with the sun coming i and out from behind clouds some of the shots were slightly overexposed when i was caught off guard. Overall though i was happy with the results and shooting under challenging conditions is always a good experience.

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