I want to be a model - best selfie on facebook

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In these days of reality television, social networking and digitalisation it seems anyone can be the next someone. However of all the people that make it, what happens to the millions of others that don't? How do you get the edge over the rest?

If you believe in yourself enough, is that alone enough to make it in an over saturated market?

This editorial looks into the mind of those people when they first think to themselves 'I want to be a model'. It may start with some comments on a social networking site.

Thinking to yourself 'There are lots of comments and likes on that picture of me on facebook''.

"Hey you could be a model!"...

Do you really care what your profile picture looks like?

Well yes of course it's got to be the best, everyone has to be talking about me :)

and so the story goes on.

Social pressures strive for you to always look your best, networking can get you a great portfolio but with that a saturated market, 'an army of clones' fighting for what?

What makes you beautiful is what makes you different and what makes you different should make you happy. Following the social norm can also make you happy but what happens when it all goes wrong?

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