David Bailey Jean Shrimpton 1962 New York inspired shoot 50 years on

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David Bailey Jean Shrimpton 1962 New York inspired shoot 50 years on.

New York provides the perfect inspirational urban landscape

So after planning a photography trip to New York I decided that I would like to do a gritty urban fashion shoot. Mixing both my love for urban street photography and fashion. I took my inspiration from an iconic David Bailey shoot of the model Jean Shrimpton for Vogue magazine in 1962. Fifty years on I think it was fitting that I did my own interpretation of that timeless classic.

My first task was to find a model that I thought would fit my almost open brief, but also work well with my own interpretation of it. I put out a casting call and almost immediately overwhelmed with response. After spending several days and what felt like a lifetime of looking through portfolios, I found just the model, Hailey Hotin.  A model that I thought fitted my brief perfectly.

I didn't want to replicate David Baileys shoot or shoot in the same locations as him, and the New York City urban landscape is one that offers you an opportunity at every turn. It made sense to explore something new but also show how in 50 years the city hadn't changed, a huge part of its appeal. New York City can stand on its own, iconic in its own right, so the model had to add something to the images without overpowering them. It was a balance that I had to get right for the shoot to work. This for me is some of the magic in David Baileys images, they make both a statement and yet the model and the architecture compliment each other perfectly.

Hailey New York City

I spent a few days walking around the city looking for locations that I would eventually use in the shoot, composing each shot meticulously in my head. As I wasn't planning on using anything other than natural light the pose and composition had to be perfect for my pictures to work. They had to portray a natural feel but also have that New York swagger and attitude.

The day of the shoot was an unusually warm winters day in New York. The route I had planned out in my head that took us from Central Park to Brooklyn, over Brooklyn Bridge. I had hoped that Hailey would agree to this route as it was long both in distance and time, and not something we discussed prior to the shoot. The shoot lasted around five hours, longer than I anticipated and we did go off route a few times to try some additional shots that I had thought of along the way. Hailey was an amazing model and understood the brief perfectly, making working with her a real pleasure.

Nad Yaqub

Hailey New York


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