Urban Street Photography

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Urban Street Photography is an art form, something you can teach but not something easy to master.

An urban landscape offers you much more than you can believe

For an urban street photographer a city is a place like no other, sheltered by the salvation of buildings and grime you become entwined with your surroundings only seeing what you want to see. You see things others don't and that's what makes you special. You learn to build a style and it's not about experiment or risk but being calculated and constructed. 

You can learn from the work of others but you need to stand out on your own, it's not easy and it takes lots of commitment. People start 365 projects this forces them to take pictures, it can help you discover your eye but you really need to think about the picture you are taking and never take more than just your first, put thought into it and think about what it is you are trying to achieve. Try it as if it doesn't work you will look forward to tomorrow to take your next picture and will ensure that it's better. 

The key to successful urban street photography is to keep something back and let the viewer fill the gap. The image above was one I shot in Venice, the two street performers played down an empty alleyway, but why? They had a plan and were actually strategically placed, they were calculated and didn't just hope they picked the right spot. It maybe an hour before the next person passes but perfect time to get the fingers warmed up and a cold autumns morning.

The post editing work that you do on your images should only be there to enhance an already great shot, you don't take an ordinary picture and then try and make into something extraordinary. Instead of spending all your time in the digital darkroom spend it out on the streets sometimes without your camera to just look around. Not having your camera with you is a good way to improve your eye, better than taking a picture, looking at it then deleting it, as this dilutes your thought process and becomes more about guess work.

So what are you waiting for, get out there and take some great urban street photography!

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