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Photography is a passion and something that I take very seriously. An image should be thought provoking, a memory, a moment in time and unique at the same time. That's something you can be guaranteed with my work.

My journey thus far began with the Iconic Manchester Collection of pictures, some of which can be found hanging at Manchester Piccadilly station.

Concentrating all of my efforts into my passion for urban\street photography, I came across people photography more by chance rather than design. It was difficult to adapt, but once I started it was much easier, as people can move and respond, unlike buildings and sets. Lights can also be controlled, meaning you are only held back by your own creativity.

More than anything I love to combine the two, and this started with my interpretation of a David Bailey photo-shoot of the English model Jean Shrimpton in New York.

My most recent work includes a published book Havana Life

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